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KOFA Got Excellent Results in 2020 IFCC-RELA

2022-02-27    Kefang News

Guangzhou KOFA Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. got excellent results in the international IFCC-RELA laboratory comparison in 2020! KOFA has participated in the international IFCC-RELA laboratory comparison for many years, this time we got excellent results again! 

RELA-Reference Laboratories in Laboratory Medicine, started in 2003, it is an EQA scheme addressed to calibration laboratories and candidate laboratories which supports them to demonstrate their competence. All results are published and the website is of open access. The advisory board of RELA is the IFCC C-TLM.(Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine.) 

Our company (Lab No.: labcode 140) participated in laboratory comparison with items including Amy, ALP, CK, GGT, LDH and urea. The results of 6 items are very close to the average value of international reference laboratories. Through the international IFCC-RELA, KOFA has proved its high quality detection level and perfect quality control standard management system. In the future, our company will continue to strengthen the quality control of products in the laboratory, ensure the traceability of product value, and adhere to the concept "Share Science&Technology With The World" to create high-quality products and services and make contributions to the society.

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